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Although buying a MUDA-certified property located in Mysore is the most ideal option, however, it’s not an easy process. But a reliable real estate company such as San City can make it simple. San City is a reliable and well-known property developer. We offer some of the most desirable projects in Mysore just for our customers at the lowest cost.

Why only purchase MUDA-approved sites in Mysore?

MUDA, Mysore Urban Development Authority is the government-owned agency in charge of the planning as well as development for the city’s infrastructure, as well as the authority that authorizes every site in the city to be used for construction or development. Also, when you purchase MUDA-approved land in Mysore you can rest assured that you’re making the most secure investment in real estate. Another advantage is the location of these plots tends to be within close proximity to the city’s center and is stocked with the basic infrastructure and amenities. Thus, the value of your investment will be assured over the long term. The registration and process are easy and effortless for both buyers and sellers.