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About Us

The journey began in San Technologies in the year 2006, the journey took us with selling computers and eventually becoming one of the top real property real estate developers. Dr. Vishwa Cariappa B.S. started the journey to become one of the leading commercial/residential land developers.
Since its beginning, SAN has been developing commercial and residential properties across Karnataka and has successfully completed construction projects in Bangalore, Mysore, Chikkabalapur & Coorg. The name and design that of San Properties & Developers, later became the Private Limited Company “VSan Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.”
The path between selling computer equipment to the sale of properties was a long and difficult road however the sheer determination and perseverance for more than 10 years, has enabled us to be the very best in the work we perform.
Our long-standing relationships and committed team of professionals have enabled us to achieve accelerated success. Since the beginning, we have been developing commercial and residential buildings located in Bengaluru, Mysuru, Chikkaballapura, and Coorg.
The San City team is committed to the highest standards of quality in all its endeavors and strives to establish a lasting partnership of trust and confidence with customers.
An excellent customer experience is essential for the staff in San City, and that is the goal we aim to attain. Quality has always been one of the SAN trademarks. With strict quality control measures implemented within the company, Our customers can be confident that the products created by us comply with the most stringent standards.
The mission that drives SAN is to aid the middle-class people, which is why it introduced a program of Buy a Desktop Computer and receive 30 x 40 sites for free. It was the first occasion it has been offered in the History of India.
There are more than 25 construction projects currently in the pipeline and more on the way, SAN CITY has won praise from its customers and discerning critics. We are pleased to announce that we’ve successfully completed our 4,000th registrations of Sites.

“Dr. Vishwa Cariappa B.S.”
Founder, Chairman & Managing Director
SAN Group of Companies


Our goal is to become the leading authority in the strategic tenant portfolio management for real property. With an experienced team that delivers unparalleled outcomes, San Groups is what you’d like to associate with. We guarantee that there is a mutual benefit for everyone at San Group, customers clients, and agents alike, has gained. There is a vast world that there is no limit to what you can achieve and the possibilities are infinite.


Continuously striving to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations, Our clients are always getting the experience of a lifetime. With the introduction of new luxury properties as well as constructed land, opportunities for investment and commercial properties San Group Real Estate has proved to be a thriving top-of-the-line Real Estate Company.